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Vitamin D
Did you know that 1 billion suffer from Vitamin D insufficiency?
Get your Vitamin D Home Test Now
Diabetes Home Tests​
Did you know that you can test your risks for developing diabetes from home?
Testosterone Home Test
Did you know that your lack of energy can come from testosterone insufficiense?

Most Used Home Health Tests

Vitamin D Home Tests

Vitamin D sun image

Risk Group

Vegans, Dark skin colour, Northern countries

Insufficiency symptoms

Excessive Tiredness, Weaker Immune System, Depression

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Omega 3 Home Tests

Omega 3 image

Risk Group

Vegans, Elderly

Insufficiency symptoms


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Thyroid Home Tests

Thyroid image

Risk Group


Symptoms (low levels)

Tiredness, intolerance to cold, difficulty losing weight…

Symptoms (high levels)

Concentrating problems, Mood swings…

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PSA (prostate) Home Tests

Prostate Cancer image

Risk Group

Genetics, dark colour skin, elderly men, often urinating 


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Vitamin B12 Home Tests

Vitamin b12 image

Risk Group

 Vegans, elderly

Insufficiency symptoms

Pins and needles, blurred vision, pale skin, fatigue


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Testosterone Home Tests

Testosterone image

Risk Group 

Insufficiency symptoms

Lack of energy, pituitary gland issues, depression, decreased strength…

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Diabetes Home Tests


Risk Group

Over 45 years, genetics, inactive persons

Diabetes symptoms

Severe thirst, frequent urination, constant hunger…

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Cholesterol Home Tests

Cholesterol image

Risk Group

Smokers, men, diabetics, obese

Insufficiency symptoms


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Food Sensitivity Home Tests

Food sensitivity image

Risk Group


Allergic symptoms

Skin reactions like swelling, ithcing and hives.

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About Alyzme

Alyzme lists and compares the most common home health tests. We write 3 different type of articles:


1.Test kit reviews

2. Diseases and health

3. Blog posts


The articles answer questions like:


Why you should take a certain home test? or How does the home test work?


What is the disease and how serious can it be? What risk groups are there? What symptoms are there? Can I minimize my risk to develop the disease?


What are the latest research on certain topics? What are the diary trends to avoid insufficiences?